We must keep Trump in power

President Trump alone is fighting an epic battle against an evil secret alliance or New World order, that has only one objection;  to takeover the United States (and ultimately the world), and control free peoples thoughts and actions for their own profit and enjoyment!
In our biggest time of need, The Republican party has abandoned President Trump and left him to defeat the evils of those who wish to destroy our American way of life (Dems).
President Trump is the only one we can count on to save us all from the evils of Satan’s children (Dems), and this is why its so important that he remain in power at all costs.

The secret alliance that wishes to enslave us all, is led primarily by the Democrats, and specifically by Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are all a part of a secret alliance that includes the NWO, globalists, the Deep State, China, corrupt political establishments, the main stream media, the Dairy coalition, and the big tech companies (Facebook and the Twitter), just too name a few.
They are all conspiring against President Trump, and they want to rig election results in favor of Biden and the democrats to achieve their goal of world domination. We can’t let them do this, we must fight for the will of the people and for voters rights. We must fight with President Trump for our very existence!
We are behind you and beside you Mr. President. It is a worthy and epic battle that can and will be won!

All hail President Trump and God Speed in his selfless quest to save us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Mr. Froth

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1 year ago

Bwahahaha, a nut missing its sundae

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