An unholy alliance has formed b/t neoliberals and neoconservatives (aided and abetted by big tech and the 3 multi-national conglomerates who control our country’s media) to convince progressives on the left and populists on right to fight one another, when in reality: WE ALL WANT THE SAME EXACT THINGS. A more just and equitable landscape for ALL American workers, regardless of race, gender, or creed.
The goal of the neo-libs and neo-cons, as it has always been, is not “unification” but rather, to keep us fighting one another by injecting invective and divisive identity politics into everything so they can continue quietly offshoring as many middle class workers jobs as possible to maximize their shareholder value, then to crack down on freedom in the interest of “public safety.” In this manner, the USA increasingly and frighteningly has begun to resemble the CCP.
I humbly beg you, if you’re on the left, go to a MAGA rally and TALK to people. If you’re on the right, go to a BLM rally and TALK to people. Not about YOUR politics but about THEIR lives, their hopes, and their fears. In this manner, we can start to form a coalition that can truly hold those in power accountable for the grave injustices perpetrated on the most vulnerable among us.

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1 year ago

B/t is spelled between. Also, what does unholy mean to you?