Wake up Montana and Dump Steve Daines!

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines might be the biggest, flip flopping, Trump Loving, Completely dishonest, and completely self-absorbed Senator in the country, and I’m saying this as a Republican!
Just a few months ago he was running ads about cutting Social Security and medicare/medicaid, and all the other trump loving causes, and how proud he was of Trump and everything “he” was accomplishing for Montana and the world.
Then Coronavirus happened and Mr. Daines did a complete reversal on everything he stands for, and not only that, he is taking credit for personally extending Unemployment benefits (when he actually voted against it!), making Corona test Free for all Montanans (I think thats Socialized Medicine Steve?), And if he hasn’t already done enough, he’s personally taking credit for fast tracking and developing a vaccine for corona to save the world!
Steve Daines literally takes credit for everything that he feels good about or thinks will get him votes, and most things he takes credit for, in reality he had little or nothing to do with.
Its all about Steve Danies and getting Steve Daines elected again at any cost.

He also robocalls both my home and cell phone at least twice a week to tell me how great he is, then he runs a commercial saying how he is going to stop robocalling, when most of my spam robocalls come directly from him!


What a fucking fraud!!!! How stupid does he think people in Montana are?
If the great people of Montana don’t vote this fraud out of office then there is no justice left in the world.
I personally will vote for anyone besides Steve Daines, cause anyone, including Governor Bullock, will be better then the liar Steve Daines.

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1 year ago

Daines is a complete fraud!! claims to be a 5th generation Montanan when he wasn’t born here, his parents weren’t born here, nor were is grandparents or great grandparents. He has been called out about this many times but still to this day his official bio on his Senate page starts with “A fifth-generation Montanan”.
What a fraud, liar, phony, Sleazebag, douche!!!! Why would anyone vote for this guy? He votes against most bills that would help Montanans but is quick to take credit for them if there poplar. I’m not a Dem but in this case i have to vote Bullock….at least he has really worked to help people in this state and has been way more honest then sleazy Daines.

Donald Berg
Donald Berg
2 years ago

Where can I get a Dump Daines bumper sticker?