I’d like to start a movement in this country to start indoctrinating and re-educating our youth to the Trump ideology of Patriotism, and uphold the values of freedom and democracy in America. I believe in order to sustain the movement, we must educate and teach the youth of America the virtues and importance of Trumpism, America First, and patriotic thinking. My hope is to get people involved like Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson, and Trump himself, and start a movement to take America back from the communist/Biden party and rid America of the socialist liberal tyrants once and for all. Moving forward, it will all hinge on #TrumpYouth and there ability to take back the country.
We should start our own organization “Young Patriots”, a new group like the Boy Scouts, but with the goal of teaching our youth to think and act like American patriots. If we start teaching our youth early enough about the horrors of Socialism and Liberals, we can all have a better America in the future.

I have no doubt that Trump will be reinstated to the throne in 2024 and will play a key role in reeducating our youth and men and women in America to preserve Trumpism forever.

Please share on Social media to get the movement started #TrumpYouth

-Dr. White

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