Trump, Most Pro-American President ever?

I’ve seen and read the statement that Trump is the most pro-American president ever.
What does that mean, that other presidents were anti-American?

I recently listened to some guys in a coffee shop discussing this and saying how much they loved Trump standing up for America and its values and how refreshing it was compared to the last 8 years of Obama America bashing, and his dislike of a strong America.
They went on to talk about how if any president was controlled by a foreign power, it was absolutely Obama, who let Europe and NATO dictate American policy.

I often watch Fox news (in small doses) to see how they spin things and spread miss-information to their legion of followers, and these guys were a walking Fox news talking point machines.
It honestly scared me that they truly believed it all and how they thought they were in such a better place since Trump took over.

Maybe they are and maybe I’m the one who is way off base?
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but in my humble opinion, Trump America is getting to be a scary place.

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1 year ago

The old guys are right. Wisdom usually comes with age. You are off base. Listen to your elders.

2 years ago

trump is for trump, nothing more

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If Trump was just for Trump, why did he run for president in the first place? He is wealthy enough that he doesn’t need the job or the headaches that go with it. He doesn’t keep any pay he gets for it. No, Trump is for America, it’s values, traditions and people. Clearly (at least to a balanced mind)