Live online event. Speakers: • Ronnie Kasrils, former freedom fighter and ANC minister • Ben Jamal, Director Palestine Solidarity Campaign • Salma Yaqoob, Stop the War Coalition & anti-racist campaigner • Alan Gibbons, Secretary Liverpool Walton CLP (personal capacity) • Lindsey German, Convenor, Stop the War Coalition • Layla Assam,Read More →

This year, Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming to San Francisco early. They want to tell everyone about their grim situation because they know they aren’t alone. Similar, urgent problems are also affecting countless others — homelessness, sickness, joblessness, you name it. It’s called climate breakdown and social chaos causedRead More →

Our list of demands for police: -An end to racial profiling -Community-controlled police -More extensive training in anti-racist policing -A stop to sending police into non-violent situations -An end to police brutality against black and brown bodies -Police fund reallocation to youth programming and education -More extensive training on de-escalationRead More →