Stop Discouraging People From Voting

On many social sites people are constantly complaining about how useless it is to vote & that both parties are the same. Of course, some of these are trolls/bots/plants deliberately meant to demean & obscure why we all need to vote so “their side” wins.
If you don’t vote, then don’t dare complain about the country in which you live.
Humans are imperfect & no one will be the perfect candidate, but ANYONE is better than treasonous Trump. If you desire fascism to be the norm in America, then vote for trump. If not, vote Blue.
There are no other valid choices & telling others not to vote just makes YOU look more ignorant & uncaring.

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1 year ago

I agree! I encourage all people to get out and vote…. for TRUMP!

Average Joe
Average Joe
1 year ago

You made an “OOPS”! I agree, people need to vote for the system to function. However, if you want a fascist totalitarian Marxist system that will inevitably fail in starvation and mass murder based on false promises of equality, vote Democrat.

If you have any morality and you care about unity, fairness, law, order, peace, prosperity and the constitution, then vote Trump. Simple and easy to see… if you haven’t been victimized by fake news and propaganda coming from the fascist left. Don’t let them use, shame, embarrass and degrade you any further. Vote for Trump