Rent Control Campaign: Cancel the Rent!

COVID-19 is exacerbating the housing crisis. Rents continue to rise, the landlord class prospers, and the working class continues to get squeezed. But our chapter is part of the growing movement to change all of this. We are putting principles into action and loudly saying: housing is a human right!
Boston DSA has formed a Rent Control Campaign to coordinate housing justice issues in the current moment. We will organize to fight for the immediate demand of today– an emergency cancellation of rent and mortgages — and pave the way for further mobilizations to win state-wide rent control.
Each monthly meeting will be held over Zoom.
Please register here:…/tZMvce6trjMiGdOTAMMCFhrWenx5C…

Boston Democratic Socialists of America
More Info:
Date of Event:
Tuesday, 9 March, 2021
Time of Event:
TUESDAY, MAR 9 6:00 PM - TUESDAY, APR 13 6:00 PM - TUESDAY MAY 11 6:00 PM
Online Event
All - Online
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