RBG’s Revenge!

I think its kind of funny that Trump and all his lunatic right wing nut job cronies, all get coronvirus from the SCOUTS Rose garden event.
Kind of seems like RGB is getting her revenge from the great beyond!!
These hypocrites and deniers all deserve to be infected and get really really sick, so as to remind them of their stupidity!!


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1 year ago

And just to remind you of YOUR stupidity, Trump overcame covid very quickly and without complications. That means others can do it too and maybe it’s not as serious as we’re being lied to about it. As far as RBG’s revenge, she is being replaced by a better, more sensible, judge. So, her “revenge” wasn’t too effective now, was it?
Trump 2020

1 year ago

So to be fair then we must think the same thing as the protesters that are in the face of the police officers spewing their Covid 19 spittle!?! If Covid 19 can infect a rose garden it can infect a rally peaceful or not. The cloth mouth diaper does not stop the Covid 19 virus and that is on the CDC website. So lets hope and pray that the protesters yelling the faces and chanting/singing will all get Covid 19 and die! YAY go COVID go!