Peaceful Anti-Mask Anti-Vaccine Anti-Lockdown Protest

Join us Saturday, September 26th, for a peaceful protest in front of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s house!

This event is hosted by Gabriel on Politics and proudly co-hosted by Super Happy Fun America

We will do this to let the Governor know that WE THE PEOPLE are NOT going to tolerate these unconstitutional orders, mandates, and restrictions any longer.


We demand that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts be reopened NOW, and all churches and business be allowed to reopen with full capacity and with no restrictions what so ever.

We demand not to be forced to inject ourselves with vaccines we do not desire to have!

We demand to get our private property rights back, to be able to invite as many people to our own home as we wish.

We demand to not be forced to wear a mask, when it does NOT protect us, but only hurts us.

We demand to live in a free nation again, where WE THE PEOPLE call the shots!

Masks: neither required, nor are encouraged, wear them if you’d like.

Parking: plenty off the street parking on the side roads of Monument Ave and all along Humphrey St.

We will stand in front of the Governor’s house on the side walk, please do NOT go on the street or stand on the war memorial. Thank you!

Let’s stand together against tyranny!

Super Happy Fun America and Gabriel on Politics
More Info:
Date of Event:
Saturday, 26 September, 2020
Time of Event:
11 AM – 1 PM EDT
49 Monument Ave, Swampscott, MA
Swampscott, MA
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