My God Bless George Floyd and his family

Forgive me forgetting the young mans name, the one that was shot in the car with his girlfriend driving and he reached for his wallet and got shot, George Floyd and the others who did nothing wrong but ended up getting shot. These folks will be lost and forgotten to time simply because Black Lives Matter, not those who are peacefully protesting in Mr. Floyds name, but  the organization iteself……They don’t give a shit about black lives. We have been saying this for years now, why, look at the two babies shot this past weekend by gang bangers…where is the Black Lives Matter organization? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Black Lives Matter DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BLACK LIVES. Wake up America!!!!! BLMs ONLY reason for being, is to take political advantage over murders like Mr. Floyd to cause chaos and as much physical damage as possible. These cowards are funded by people like the Clintons and George Soros along with big tech companies. If you want peace, then everyone of every color needs to start putting faith in the local police, to share your happy times AND your sad times. When you see a cop kneeling on the neck of a person no matter what color, we the people need to remove the cop/s from the situation so the innocent will live. If cops tell you to back up or you will be arrested, you need to tell the cop/s they are under civilian arrest…..YES you CAN make a citizens arrest, ESPECIALLY when the entire Mr. Floyd murder was on camera. There isn’t a single court in the court in the country that will convict someone pulling a cop off the neck of an already subdued person! Now PLEASE DO NOT cause the cop/s harm when you remove them, or you can be just as libel as the murdering cop is. There is MAYBE 1 bad cop for everyone 100,000 cops if not more, yet cops are being assaulted, stabbed, shot and beat up so i have one question…..WHO WINS? that’s easy NO ONE WINS! cops stop policing and I guarantee all of you calling for defunding and or are causing harm to cops, when you need them, they wont be there and God have mercy on you cause the intruder won’t. Literally EVERYONE in America was extremely outraged at the murder of Mr. Floyd, but that was overcast because BLM was burning down buildings and destroying property and throwing bricks at cops etc etc. That is NOT America, I’m pretty sure that IS NOT 98% of you protesting. Statues get torn down by BLM to cause chaos it’s all being paid for to undermine YOUR message and Mr. Floyd’s message! It was a BLACK African who sold Black Slaves to be sent ALL OVER THE WORLD, not just America. Black folks WERE NOT the first slaves, the first slaves were Israelites to the Egyptians. White folks were being sold into slavery by other white folks. Hell even today slavery still exists…..WAKE UP America! All you who are ONLY watching CNN ABC CBS MSNBC etc etc, you are being LIED to!!!!!! Hell I don’t know why black Americans vote Democrats in the first place….it makes no flippin sense to me! The KKK was started because Lincoln a Republican freed slaves, Robert Byrd a Democrat Congressman was a KKK leader, Republicans ended segregation, Republicans signed emancipation proclamation into law NOT DEMOCRATS……Democrat cities around the USA, just open your eyes! Run down, poor, unemployed, on food stamps and welfare, rife with gangs THEY ARE ALL DEMOCRAT run cities! It was a Democrat that brought DRUGS into poor neighborhoods in 1960’s to test the effects of LSD and black folks were the “test subjects”. Black folks want to make their neighborhoods better, then black folks need to run gangs out of their cities, black folks need to get their kids off drugs, black folks need to stop having abortions at clinics, black folks need to stop the bullshit of snitchs get stitches, it’s MORONS who say and think that way because its COWARDS who threaten that way! You want change, get these fucking IDIOT Democrats OUT OF YOUR CITIES! I guarantee you, that your city will then thrive and become vibrant by BLACK business owners. You destroy the memory of the past, you will be destined to repeat it. Tell a cop as a black person that you appreciate them and love them rather than a good ole fuck cops pigs must die or whatever that dumbass BLM saying is. SOCIALISM is NOT the way! There is no greater love than the love of God’s blessings, right wrong or indifferent to the Bible, one thing is for sure, it is a moral compass of good vs evil. What black folks and black folks who let white folks destroy, burn down and harm others in YOUR OWN  cities…..are the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet! Me personally, black folks fought in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY WAR America has been in. Fought proudly, bravely and with honor even when they were not given such accolades….they did this BECAUSE THEY WANTED America to succeed for their families to be safe for their families to have a good place to come home from work to. I can name at least 100 groups of black only troops of all services and Casper the friendly ghost looks tan compared to me. I think black folks deserve to be and thrive in America MORE than any other race with exception only to Native Americans. So those that want to call me a racist, I say fuck you, I’m not racist because I hate EVERYONE equally and I couldn’t give a shit about your opinions! For those that want to tell me I’m white privileged, I say FUCK YOU TOO, my dad was military and worked another job, my mom worked 3 jobs just to keep 25 cent macaroni and cheese on the table 5 of the 7 days of a week, Not because we liked mac n cheese, but because it was the only thing they could afford as I grew up. So you want to be a grown up, pull up your big boy pants and start acting like a fucking adult get a job and clean up your neighborhoods from trash like crypts, bloods, MS13 and so on! they are nothing more than a bunch of pussy cowards who thrive on you being scared, they have ZERO power over you if you are not scared of them! What you all are doing, DISHONORS ALL of your black parents, grand parents and great grand parents as well as all those innocent young folks who were murdered by cops! over SIX THOUSAND black lives were snuffed out just last year NOT by cops, but by other blacks JUST IN Chicago ALONE! You all keep saying you have only a fraction of the population that white people do, I say NO SHIT SHERLOCK, black abortions, blacks killing blacks it’s disgusting!!!  Find a good woman, marry them have children find God again and love thy neighbor as you long to be loved. I pray to the good Lord that the peaceful protesters see the wisdom in these words and ends the nonsense once and for all, just as helping the police to root out the bad cops. Good luck and stay safe.

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This article was one of the most tone def things I’ve ever read. You bet your ass a judge will give you a sentence for pulling a cop off of a suspect. That’s if the other cops don’t shot you before you even get in front of a judge. Where do you live that is so unbelievably sheltered?


1944 Blacks killed by police
3399 Whites killed by police