Matt Gaetz should be removed

His grandstanding is merely to intimidate other Republicans from coming to grips with the big Trump lie, and impeaching him for his crimes, and I’m sure his and others like Cruz, efforts will achieve the goal of intimidating other Republicans from doing what’s right, and once again Trump will run free to continue to spread his lies and hatred of Democracy.
We elected Trump to change Washington, and not to be our dictator and chief.
When will the GOP get a spine and denounce Trump and stop following his pathetic racist bullying of the democratic system?
I’m sure Gaetz is trying to keep Trump supporters in his corner for re-election or maybe (God forbid) a presidential run in 2024, but he’s out of line and should be removed from office.

Its an embarrassment to every normal Republican that the GOP has embraced the lies and conspiracy theories of a group of very ill-informed people.
I will always be a Republican at heart but I can not support what the party has turned into and will not vote for GOP radicals just for the sake of the party. I draw the line when lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene are elected. Come on Georgia, you can do better than that! Lets remove her as well!

Its time for the GOP to move on and get back in the business of helping people, not ripping them and our great country apart.

George B.

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1 month ago

I would think you would want Trump to run again so there is a chance for Biden to win. Any other candidate and probably Trump will look intelligent when standing next to Biden. Just saying he is not all there and it is not his fault, just a reality of life.