How did wearing a mask become a political issue?

I suppose its your right not to wear a mask, but its also the right of business owners to require one. Why should your right not to wear a mask be more important then the rights of stores requiring them?
Not sure how the whole right wing Corona Hoax started (Trump), or how this became a political issue, but it seems silly to not all pull together, wear masks (or don’t and just stay home), social distance, and stomp out this virus once and for all.
Seems like by not acknowledging this pandemic is real and just pretending everything is fine, is just going to make this whole think last way longer then it should.
Come on people, suck it up and wear a mask, it won’t make you look any stupider then you already are by not wearing one.


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5 months ago

Wearing a mask does not take away ANY of your rights! You can go anywhere you please and no one with stop you. You can do anything you wish. Wearing a mask may help get rid of the virus. If everyone worn a mask for a month we would be done will this issue by now.

6 months ago

It became political when the fascist totalitarian democrats saw an opportunity to attack Trump and try to advance their Marxist agenda. More lies to attempt to take one of the best presidents the country has ever had down. Trump has been the only one standing in the way of the globalist elites taking total control of YOUR life.

3 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Bruh nah
Trump politicized it

2 months ago
Reply to  diogenes

diogenes…. “Bruh nah”? What is that? You sound like the uneducated product of an inner city “school” in a shithole city run by democrats. Am I right?