Hey President Trump, Make English the official language

Looking at all the great work President Trump has done, I wonder, why hasn’t he made English the official language of the United States???
Seems like a no-brainier slam dunk to get this done?
I’m not a racist but if your coming to America at least make an attempt to speak English. Seems like if we don’t do this soon that we may be forced to speak Spanish, as that language seems to be taking over America, and i for one won’t stand for it!
I’m so sick of calling my doctor or almost any customer service and getting the Spanish prompts. I’m also sick of going into my bank and being greeted in Spanish and having to correct them and ask them to speak English.
Almost every other country in the world has an official language except America, what gives?
How do we start a petition or get this in front of President Trump?
Its time America….Lets speak English please!

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Speaking English is fine and all but, have you considered just learning Spanish? I mean that’s what happens everywhere else around the world. People over in Europe tend to know 2-3 languages because of where they reside so it would be easier to just learn the language instead of asking literally every other person to change what they do.


You are such a pitiful bitch or bastard! You can’t handle the telephone prompts or being greeted in Spanish? It must just ruin your entire life! I believe immigrants should learn to speak enough English to get around, but if they live in an area surrounded by people from their native country, they may not get too much more. Everyone getting American citizenship has to learn a certain amount of English. If I moved to Italy (which I may), I would have to learn Italian because my family is Sicilian, and speaks with a dialect. I don’t know, at my… Read more »


Great idea! I don’t want to have to dumb down precise communication by having to speak an ancient primitive language.