Gun control does not work!

Gun control does not work. All it does is keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and keeps guns in the hands of criminals. So now all the bad guys are armed and the rest of us are sitting ducks!
If you look back at some of the most recent shooting you’ll see that the guns used were purchased legally. Gun control would have done nothing to stop those nut jobs.
I agree that something needs to be done to get guns off the streets in places like Chicago, where the black on black violence is at an all time high. And speaking of Chicago, why is it when a cop shoots a black person there are protest, marches and solidarity amongst the people but when a 9 year old is executed in grandmas front yard it’s just a tragedy, no uproar, no marches no “Black lives Matter” and no sense of absolute outrage? Why isn’t everyone screaming for the resignation (or arrest) of the gang leader who ordered the hit of a 9 year old?
This kind of shooting is an absolute atrocity and should have caused such an outrage and protest in the entire community not just a candle light vigil. Also speaking of that, shouldn’t all lives matter? No one deserves to be gun down, not by a cop, a gangster, or accidently. It should never happen.
Gun control will not solve all of what’s wrong with our society, not even close. I don’t have the answers but I know that gun control most certainly is not it.

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Ms. Cellophane
Ms. Cellophane
1 year ago

How would you know? We don’t have any meaningful gun control.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ms. Cellophane

You sound like someone who has never tried to get a gun and a CCW permit. But, somehow, you know about the “meaningless” gun laws. …ignoramus!

8 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Oh sure, result to insults like a child. How about you provide and actual argument next time.