Don’t Let Trump Steal The Election! – Chicago

Trump has repeatedly signaled that he is unwilling to concede defeat in the election. He is driving towards creating an unclear election outcome and potentially provoking a constitutional crisis.

Yet Biden and the Democratic Party are not committing to fight back or mobilize people to defend against this attack on basic democratic rights.

We need mass actions and strikes organized by working people, because we’ve seen how ineffective the Democratic establishment has been at preventing Trump from accomplishing his goals in the past. Mass action is how Trump was forced to back down on the Muslim Ban and how we’ve fought back against racist policing.

Everyone around the country who is opposed to Trump’s racist, sexist, anti-worker agenda needs to be ready to take to the streets on November 4th to stop Trump from stealing this election!
*Wear a mask
*Respect social distancing

Chicago Socialist Alternative and Chicago Movement For 99%
More Info:
Date of Event:
Wednesday, 4 November, 2020
Time of Event:
6:00 PM CST
Richard J. Daley Center, 50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602
Chicago, Illinois
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Fight for America
Fight for America
6 days ago

“Joe Biden Touts ‘Most Extensive & Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization in History of American Politics” Right out of Biden’s Mouth…

Tenacious Deplorable
Tenacious Deplorable
12 days ago

You commies are in for a big suprise! TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND!!!

15 days ago

Uhm… Trump has signaled he will not concede an unfair, illegal, rigged election. He will pursue justice and exercise his rights to the fullest extent of the law in that event. Nothing more. Biden, on the other hand, has been advised to not concede under ANY circumstances. That means even if he looses legally. That means, try to seize power by any means, regardless of the will of the people.How does that support “your democratic rights”?