I was looking at different protest on here and came across this one in Australia I was blown away after I read it, cause it all finally made sense to me that this is a global conspiracy, a “New World Order” if you will,  to rein in and control the people of the world.
It also looks like President Trump was forced (at first) to go along with this world plan but now he’s telling them all to Fuck off and we should too!
We need to rise up Patriots, and once and for all take back our FREEDOM!!!!!!!

Please read the below statement to have your eyes opened to what’s really happening here, I’ve edited out a few lines that pertained directly to Australia, but now it reads like it was written for America and the world. This will now be my rally cry, my doctrine of truth about the COVID-19 SCAMDEMIC!

The People have had enough and The People are RISING!
Join the People to make a stand on behalf of our future generations!

We will obey the current restrictions and maintain social distancing, while we engage our rights and partake in a peaceful protest.

It’s been 5 months since COVID-19 hit Australian shores and there has been less than 100 deaths in a population of 26 million. This equates to just 0.000003% of the entire population.*(1)
The average age of these deaths was 80. *(2)
77% of the deceased had at least one pre-existing serious underlying issue. *(2)

Doctors from around the world are stating they have been instructed to falsify death certificates by governmental health departments and The CDC. *(3)

The whole pandemic has been surrounded in fallacies, lies & deceit and The Australian authorities are in the thick of it.

There has been unwanted & unwarranted lockdowns and as a result:
– People have lost their jobs
– People have lost their homes
– People have lost their businesses
– People have committed suicide and lost their lives
– People have lost their freedoms and rights

And now The People are seeing through the lies & deceit and will not take this bullshit any longer!

It is extremely clear that this pandemic has been used by the corporately owned world governments, to create fear through the corporately owned Main Stream Media, to put the people into a panic and therefore persuade the general public, into accepting draconian control measures.

It is obvious, these control measures are not aimed at protecting us, but in fact aimed at creating a new oppressed society, where total control and over-standing power is the goal.

The authorities have stated, “Things will not return to normal until a vaccine is available”. They are going to blackmail us with a fast tracked, untested, damaging COVID-19 vaccine. They will say it is not mandatory, but if we do not accept it, we will not be allowed in the workplace, our kids will not be allowed in schools, we will not be allowed on planes and we will not be allowed to cross state borders.

5G has been rolled out, while the major health concerns as expressed by professionals around the world, have been totally ignored.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

My brothers and sisters, I promise you, if we stand by and do nothing, we will be forcefully vaccinated, we will be forcefully microchipped, we will be exposed to damaging radiation and EMF’s from unsafe 5G towers and antennae, our population will be reduced by billions through infertility and sterilisation and we will lose access to cash and instead rely solely on manipulated digital currency based on a social behaviour reward system, monitored by millions of facial recognition cameras.

We will literally lose every single right and freedom we ever had.

This is The People’s Revolution and it’s an exciting time to be alive!

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1 year ago

When did this post go up?
Is there a plan for a rally at the MN capital? Thank you.

9 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

This must be a b******* post because I was looking for protests in Wyoming.
We need 10 million people together at the White House and camp there until we take back power from this corrupt government.
There’s going to be a lot of s*** on the sidewalk but that’s no different than what’s inside the building