Español Abajo Last November, voters rejected the previous administration’s horrifying and racist scapegoating of immigrants. But more than 26,000 people have been deported since Biden’s inauguration. This week, the Biden administration opened its first migrant detention center for children. And with hate crimes against Asian Americans on the rise, weRead More →

This day marks the second anniversary of the passage of HR1, For the People Act, in the house. This once-in-a-generation democracy reform package will get dark money out of politics and protect our elections and voting rights. Passing this landmark legislation is a critical step in ending fossil fuel subsidiesRead More →

It’s time to build some momentum behind our environmental justice and climate action legislative priorities – and we need you! Sign up here: New state-wide laws are one of many critical actions we must take to transform our state for climate and environmental justice. For the new legislative session,Read More →