I’m really getting tired of all the fake news stories, it drives me nuts. I see all the Protest Rallies on this site as a result of all the fake news and think to myself, what a waste of time and energy. How do these so called “Legitimate” news companiesRead More →

Gun control does not work. All it does is keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and keeps guns in the hands of criminals. So now all the bad guys are armed and the rest of us are sitting ducks! If you look back at some ofRead More →

I work in retail and realized today how much I hate people. I used to think that most people deep down were good and honest but I’ve come to realize that they are not, in fact most people, given the chance would slit your throat for a $20 dollar bill.Read More →

I’ve seen and read the statement that Trump is the most pro-American president ever. What does that mean, that other presidents were anti-American? I recently listened to some guys in a coffee shop discussing this and saying how much they loved Trump standing up for America and its values andRead More →

Its not a women’s right to be able to choose to kill another human, its called murder. Birth control should be free and mandatory through out the world, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many germ carrying, bratty, spoiled rotten kids running around and making life for the rest ofRead More →