I think its kind of funny that Trump and all his lunatic right wing nut job cronies, all get coronvirus from the SCOUTS Rose garden event. Kind of seems like RGB is getting her revenge from the great beyond!! These hypocrites and deniers all deserve to be infected and getRead More →

Nothing is going to happen to Trump other then maybe a bad cold, the man is Satan and Coronavirus won’t hurt him. I do believe he is Satan on earth. He’s not quite human, his skin is orange, he has an evil smile, he’s a Godless person (except for photoRead More →

Donald J. Trump is the most maniacal, insecure, reprehensible, low-life douchebag, lolly lolly dumb ass, narcissistic, ill-informed, dumb as a fucking rock, corruptible, bully, orange faced, dim whited, Daddy daughter issues, perverted, shameless, did I say insecure?, bad hair, tubby little cry baby, taking my ball and going home, 10Read More →

I suppose its your right not to wear a mask, but its also the right of business owners to require one. Why should your right not to wear a mask be more important then the rights of stores requiring them? Not sure how the whole right wing Corona Hoax startedRead More →