All Patriots need to help Stop the Biden agenda and preserve Trumps America fist mandates. Go to and get involved. We (Trump) can take back America in 2024 if we all get on board and hold Biden accountable for his radical leftist agenda. We don’t need Bidens cozy firesideRead More →

His grandstanding is merely to intimidate other Republicans from coming to grips with the big Trump lie, and impeaching him for his crimes, and I’m sure his and others like Cruz, efforts will achieve the goal of intimidating other Republicans from doing what’s right, and once again Trump will runRead More →

An unholy alliance has formed b/t neoliberals and neoconservatives (aided and abetted by big tech and the 3 multi-national conglomerates who control our country’s media) to convince progressives on the left and populists on right to fight one another, when in reality: WE ALL WANT THE SAME EXACT THINGS. ARead More →

Republicans need to get a spine and stand up to the crooked Democrats that are selling this country down the river for their own financial gain. As the saying goes lead or get out of the way. Anybody who believes a candidate who couldn’t inspire more than 100 people toRead More →

Is Biden too much of a pussy to fight for himself and the 76 million people who voted for him? Why isn’t he fighting as hard as Trump? Why isn’t he suing Trump? Why isn’t he denouncing the Trump Coup every hour of every day? I’m tired of his “Unity”Read More →