These know-it-all Libtards are just insane, wearing a mask does nothing but increase you chances and trapping germs under the mask and getting infected more easily then not wearing one at all. The most alarming thing about wearing a mask, is masks cause legionnaires disease from trapped moisture and bacteriaRead More →

Wake up People and hear the truth!!!!! Covid 19 is a hoax and the vaccine will kill 50 million people. Learn the truth at www.vaccinehoax.comRead More →

I am sick and tired of hearing that Black Lives Matter ,all lives matter not just black lives ,we all have to come together and say that we’re tired of all the shenanigans that the Democrats are putting on ,they are trying to divide this country. All lives matter!,This isRead More →

Found a dumb ass Blue Lives Matter rally,and it is by far the most jingoistic thing I read in my life. Y’all scream “Don’t tread on me,” and collect guns, but we all know you’re full of shit. You let the State and its tools crush you with a jackboot.Read More →