Sanctioned countries are fighting back and finding ways around the US imposed economic sanctions. Sanctions have been imposed on around 42 countries by the United States in order to help create dissent to push for regime change. These sanctions primarily hurt the people of the sanctioned countries. This is especiallyRead More →

Details TBA Protest to mark one year since Joe Biden became president promising to reverse Trump’s atrocious anti-immigrant policies. Many of those same policies that provoked righteous outrage when Trump did them remain in place under Biden. Join us for a protest to demand that President Biden & the Democratic-controlledRead More →

We are coming together to demand accountability for the deaths of the six Amazon workers during the December 10 tornado. Just like the Memphis Sanitation Workers 54 years ago, Amazon workers are coming together and organizing to win safer working conditions and fight racism. Join us! Mobilize: 11:30am CT Action:Read More →

We will start the march at 11:30am at the Washington Monument and we’ll walk together to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (approximately 1 mile). At the Lincoln Memorial, a wide range of featured guests will be waiting. Recording artists, prominent doctors, journalists, pro athletes, actors and premier thought leadersRead More →