Biden needs help

I think the only way Joe Biden can beat trump is if he has a strong running mate.
In this case I think Michelle Obama needs to take one for the team and be his running mate.
With Obama on the ticket, we have a chance of beating trump.
Without her, seeing that Biden is sort of an idiot (in a different way then Trump), I fear Trump will win in a landslide and it will be 4 more years of racists rantings from a mad man.
Just my 2 cents
Darren W.

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Average Joe
Average Joe
1 year ago

I agree with the title of your post, “Biden Needs Help”. Indeed, he does! He needs the kind of help only a geriatric facility can provide for an aged person suffering from cognitive degradation.

You state that you fear Trump will win in a landslide. Let not your heart be troubled. There is no need to fear. Trump will indeed win in a landslide and that’s a good thing. The racist rantings of a mad man you speak of have actually been coming from Biden; didn’t you know? It’s been all over the news, at least, on the honest news outlets. Rejoice when the time is upon us, for with Trump, the best is yet to come!