Veterans Day Anti-War Protest McPherson Square Washington DC 11-11-18

On Tuesday, March 20, a permit application sent by me for space in a Washington, DC city park on Veteran’s Day 2018 arrived at the National Parks Service permit application office.This permit has been approved. I have applied under the name Veterans and Friends Against War and Nuclear Weapons.

Along with other US Military Veterans and friends who have participated in Peace protests from the Vietnam War until the present day we hope to send a message that War and Trump’s Military Parade ,which seems to be promoting him, the Military Industrial Complex, military spending and war has a downside and that blind patriotism and large increases in military spending may not be in the best interest of us and our children.

We also want to send this message to citizens of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and the rest of the world. On this special Veterans day we want to give a voice to Veterans, especially combat Veterans, who know the damage to humanity and the true cost of war and its effect on all people, as well as the economic costs of weapons of mass destruction and we want to express our fears that a worldwide military arms race is in progress now and that options other than War are in all our best interests no matter where we live on Planet Earth.. In addition, we want to provide a safe non-violent anti-war Peace area for troubled Veterans to meet and talk to other Veterans who know the reality of war and the cost of it to them and their families.

It is my hope that Mountain Xpress will publish this letter so that others can find out about what we are going to do in Washington this Veterans Day.

Peace Now.

John Penley
Date of Event:
Sunday, 11 November, 2018
Time of Event:
8 AM – 8 PM EST
McPherson Sq NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States
Washington, DC

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