Trump Protest! Not Welcomed in LA! 3-13-18

Trump Protest! Not Welcomed in LA! 3-13-18

***The EXACT TIME and LOCATION of his visit is not yet known. We will add more info to this event page as soon as we get more info!

Donald Trump will be visiting Beverly Hills on Tuesday, March 13th. We are planning a massive protest to drive him out of Los Angeles!

We call on ALL organizations who stand against fascism, imperialism, capitalism, racism and all forms of hatred to join this action! We will release more information soon!

Check FB page for updates:

Tierra y Libertad - Union del Barrio Los Angeles
Date of Event:
Tuesday, 13 March, 2018
Time of Event:
4 PM - 8 PM PDT
TBD, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

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You’re in the minority. Give it up.


You obviously haven’t counted the number of people that didn’t vote for #45. If not for the Electoral College, Hillary would be your president. The MAJORITY of voters did NOT vote for him. Trumpers are in the minority and their numbers are dropping as he continues to lie, cheat and conspire against the citizens.