The Last Weekend | Women’s March El Paso 11-03-18

Do you remember back in January when we raised our voices and shouted: “Power to the Polls!”? This wasn’t just a rallying cry, it’s a call for necessary action! We’ve marched. We’ve rallied. Now we’re ready to give it everything we’ve got, on the last weekend before the midterm elections

This will be a coordinated effort to make sure volunteers turn out right before Election Day and we are asking you to commit to volunteer four months from now – because we need YOU on our team!

Simply put: We have got to make sure we’re helping candidates that share our values!

Did you know there’s one particular time that voter contact matters more than any other—when those conversations will have the greatest impact? It’s the last the four days before Election Day (November 6th)!

As you may already know, volunteering is a lot more fun with friends. So let your friends and family know about your plans to help talk to voters on the Last Weekend before the midterm elections (Saturday, November 3rd–Tuesday, November 6th) and ask them to join you, too!

Democratic Attorneys General Association
More Info:
Date of Event:
Saturday, 3 November, 2018
Time of Event:
7:00 AM
Nov 3 - Nov 6 - El Paso
El Paso

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