Stop Sessions Protest 8-17-18

Stop Sessions Protest 8-17-18

Join us for a critical moment of resistance in Des Moines on August 17!

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is coming to Des Moines.

We’ll be there to unwelcome him and send the message that hateful values aren’t welcome in our state.

Together, we’ll stand against Sessions’ agenda to ramp up the war on voting rights, criminalize immigration, and uphold religious-based discrimination.

What: We’ll pack the streets outside the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judicial conference, where Sessions is to be a speaker, alongside new Supreme Court appointment Neil Gorsuch.

This will be a peaceful, non-violent but noisy demonstration to show that Iowans stand in solidarity for a more just, fair, and inclusive country.

Why Sessions? Jeff Sessions is unfit to serve as the head of our Justice Department. Our U.S. Attorney General is charged with enforcing our nation’s laws without prejudice and a commitment to justice; and be an advocate for all people.

But Sessions has:

-targeted 800,000 young people for deportation by rescinding DACA

-reversed DOJ position that federal law protects transgender workers from discrimination

-released the sweeping “License to Discriminate” guidance, outlining a pathway for discrimination against LGBT people, women and religious minorities

-been the architect of the “zero tolerance policy” and family separations at the border

-recently announced the Religious Freedom Task Force

-encouraged federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty for certain drug-related crimes

-ramped up the racist war on drugs

-redirected the Justice Department to continue to make use of private prison facilities, rather than phase out those contracts

-a 30-year record of racial insensitivity, bias against immigrants and the LGBTQ community and hostility towards the protection of civil rights

-waged an infamous prosecution against civil rights activists in the 1980s on phony charges of voter fraud is a staunch opponent of the Voting Rights Act

Jeff Sessions’ values hold up a system of white supremacy and injustice. His policies strengthen the position of those who already hold disproportionate power in this country and disenfranchise every day people.

Sessions’ values are not Iowa values. Join us to say he is not welcome in our state.

Will you stand with us Friday, August 17?

A strong turnout will demonstrate that Iowa’s fightback is powerful, show strong opposition to Trump in Iowa, and garner state and national press for the critical issues of racial justice, voter, and civil rights.

When: Friday, August 17 from 8 to 9:30 AM (Sessions is slated to speak at 9)

Where: Vets Auditorium/Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

We’ll have signs/bring your own or join the art build to make some (link in comments)

RSVP here to stand up and FIGHT BACK!

Partnering organizations: Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, American Friends Service Committee, Progress Iowa, Methodist Federation for a Social Action, Catholic Peace Ministry.

American Friends Service Committee-Iowa and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
Date of Event:
Friday, 17 August, 2018
Time of Event:
8 AM - 9 AM
Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center 833 5th Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Des Moines

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