Recall Governor Brown & Sanctuary State Rally 10-14-17

Recall Governor Brown & Sanctuary State Rally 10-14-17

*Permits being obtained and LAPD have confirmed they will be present.*

Governor Brown has been a complete disaster for the state of California and its citizens. On October 5th, Governor Brown signed into law SB54, which makes California a sanctuary state.

We must take action now.

Join us for the launch of our official announcement to recall Governor Jerry Brown and to rally against making California a Sanctuary State.

– Mac Young (Director of Technology – CA Trump Campaign)
– Rachel Gunther (Executive Director Make California Great PAC)
– SABO – Conservative Street Artist (
– Malcolm McGough (California Political and Field Operations
Director Trump Campaign)
– Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson (The Jesse Lee Peterson Show)
– Stelian Onufrei (Congressional Candidate CA 48th District)

Please invite everyone you know and show up to listen to several speakers discuss the Sanctuary State bill and our efforts to fight back against Jerry Brown.

Press & Media are welcome.


The grounds for the recall are as follows:

As Governor, you have allowed the state legislature to impose unfair tax increases on the middle class, such as the new gas tax. You have allowed transportation tax revenues to be used for improper purposes. You have squandered state budget dollars on boondoggles such as the “high speed rail.” You have usurped the limitations in the federal Constitution by engaging and attempting to engage in foreign policy. You have infringed upon the Second Amendment rights of Californians by signing and supporting legislation that strips them of their right to keep and bear arms in defense of their family, homes, and businesses. You have presided over the decimation of the middle class of
California. You have tolerated and presided over policies that favor illegal aliens over lawful residents and citizens. You have neglected the critical infrastructure of this state and as a result, have endangered the lives of its citizens and lawful residents. You have tolerated and allowed institutions of state government to suppress freedom of speech. You have instituted and maintained policies that render businesses in this state less competitive, to the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs. All these reasons demand your removal from office.

Recall Governor Brown
Date of Event:
Saturday, 14 October, 2017
Time of Event:
12 PM - 3 PM PDT
Ronald Reagan State Bldg 300 S Spring St, Los Angeles, California 90013
Los Angeles

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Go piss up a rope! You flipping people. What is your life going to change when people have to hide and then we the people have stopped being american. It seems you folks just want to close any and all avenues and make the police force do federal monitoring. How is this country. You people are attacking everyone that uses the system of tax payer. You dont want infrastructure or job building education. Nothing you make real people whos lives are going to be stressed. Well kiss my ass if its going to happen without a whole lot of push… Read more »


No it doesn’t sound like it is your country just based off of your lack of the English language . If your for illegals coming into this country by breaking the law to get here , then this is not your country! The only reason any sane person would be for this tyranny is they are one of them reaping the benefits of the American people or they are illegal themselves. This is going to be stopped because no tax paying American is responsible for supporting foreigners!! You understand why? Or do I need to break that down for you… Read more »

Thank you! Misty well said