Protest Trump’s SC Nomination #NoBrettKavanaugh 7-20-18

Protest Trump’s SC Nomination #NoBrettKavanaugh 7-20-18

A criminal shouldn’t get to pick their judge. We are continuing our resistance of this bogus SCOTUS nomination by holding a rally and protest of Brett Kavanaugh. We are calling on Democrats to do everything they can do to delay the vote until after the midterm elections. We are also calling on Republicans to vote against the nominee.

A women’s right to choose, marriage equality, money in politics, criminal justice, environmental justice, regulatory efforts, our every right and more are all at risk if we do not stand up against this pick. The impact of a successful confirmation will be devastating to marginalized communities. We have a responsibility to meet this nomination with resistance at all levels.

The only way we can stop this confirmation is with a massive movement. Please join us to rally, protest, speak and write letters and resist this administration’s efforts.

Portland's Resistance
More Info:
Date of Event:
Friday, 20 July, 2018
Time of Event:
6 PM - 8 PM PDT
Chapman Square SW 4th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204

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