MayDay March Against Trump!

With the completion of the Mueller investigation, we must be shown the entire report submitted to Attorney General Barr. The critical issue of Trump’s campaign and administration was always about trading access to public office for personal gain.
Several of Trump’s highest campaign officers are now guilty of this and related crimes, and criminal investigations continue into Trump’s family and associates due to information uncovered by Mueller.
Questions continue about Trump’s obstruction of the investigation for exactly this reason. The issue of foreign interference in U.S. elections never was as pressing as the fact of U.S. monopoly capital’s usurping of American democracy, whatever there was of democracy.
Certainly the U.S. ruling class is no less guilty of undermining the democratic process in other countries, now seen in Venezuela. But the struggle against Trump and the ruling class of monopoly capital always is the primary fight of the working class and only our concerted activity is capable of overcoming this obstacle to democracy and workers’ power.

We urge all supporters to continue educating, organizing and mobilizing.

Our next action will be the May 1 International Workers’ Day MayDay march in Los Angeles.

Join us!

Roofers Union Local 36 and Build the Peoples' Democratic Workers' Party
Date of Event:
Wednesday, 1 May, 2019
Time of Event:
MacArthur Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Los Angeles, CA

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