Make Obama Care illegal

Trump needs to make good on his promise to eliminate Obama Care once and for all.
That single program is destroying our economy and costing us job growth.
Now it looks like trump might actually get the job done with a new court ruling and its about time!
No one should be entitled to free health care period.
If you can’t afford your premiums, then work harder.

America wasn’t built on hand outs and we can’t let the liberal Dems bring us to our knees with excessive taxes to pay for healthcare for illegals, Seniors, and people too lazy to work. Think about how we could build up our Military and rebuild our infrastructure with the money we would save by eliminating Obama Care and Medicare, its staggering.

People need to learn how to work hard and save money if they want to retire. Retirement is not a right, its an option, and that goes for healthcare as well.
If you eliminated Obama Care and Medicare, the overall cost of health care would drop dramatically, and it would be much more affordable for more people.

Trump 2020! Lets really make America Great Again!

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Not only elderly and vets but Native Americans need Obamacare as well…

Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt

President Bernie is going to enact Medicare for All. Whether you like it or not, Bernie is going to save you thousands of dollars off of your health insurance premiums and is going to make sure you don’t go bankrupt when you get sick.

Dump Trump 2020! He’s not really that great.


Not only the elderly and the vets, but children of poor families and disabled people would all be dropped from any health coverage.

Way to go, obvious-expert-on-public-and-economic-policy.


If you drop Medicare ? So elderly and veterans don’t get to have affordable health care

If you think Obama care is the reason ther health care is expensive, then why did we NEED implement it in the first place ?

Are you sure your ok
We can’t protest something that isn’t true
What a national joke that would be