Impeach Trump! NOW! STOP Trump! NOW!

Trump is a racist and a public threat and needs to be removed from the most powerful office in our country immediately!
People here in the US and around the world -Let’s come together!
Let’s plan protests and rallies in every town and every city on the planet.
Let’s use our collective voice to shout out -No More! Basta! Trump must go now.
Every day in power this despicable man is a threat to every community in our country.
This demagogue is a threat to every country on the planet, and to the planet herself.
Let’s all rise up and say -Enough is way too much! El Paso and Dayton in just 13 hours …I write this with such a heavy heart, devastated and beyond furious, as our country mourns and reels in shock and horror…
All of US let’s come together and use our collective voice to say -Trump is a racist. He is divisive and dangerous, and with every toxic tweet, increasingly a public threat. Let’s stop debating the obvious and start looking for a solution.
Trump’s racist, xenophobic, white supremacist, hate speech has encouraged and emboldened the racist white nationalists lurking in our shadows, and fanned the flames of their hatred and bigotry.
He must be held accountable!!
Activists, organizers around the world -please let’s make this happen together!
Let’s get together, and get the permits, and make the plans necessary to see this into reality!
Let’s STOP Trump NOW! Let’s end his presidency NOW!
Let’s stand up together and say -BASTA! STOP! NO MORE!!

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How does one start this?


youn can start by going here to MoveOn
They can help you set up an event in your area.


Thank you. I had spent some time on their site, but hadn’t seen this page. 🙂


Hi. Thank you for asking. That is exactly what I intend to find out. 🙂 I know it will take coordination and organization. I need advice from people with experience organizing protests, and am hoping they will join this conversation and share their personal knowledge, and also recommend groups and organizations that might be interested in joining in this endeavor. I went to the candlelight vigil for mass shootings in Brooklyn tonight that was posted on this site, and they mentioned a big protest planned for sometime in September in D.C. to demand that Mitch McConnell stops stonewalling and finally… Read more »