I Stand With Trump! – MAGA GOTV Rally 9-22-18

– Stand with President Trump – Save Congress – Save the Nation –

Come join together with fellow patriots at a “I Support Trump! – Make America Great Again – Get Out The Vote” rally.
Simultaneous rallies will be held in Colorado Springs and Longmont Colorado.

– Saturday 09/22/2018 – 1 to 4pm – Memorial park at the intersection of Peak and Union. If you need an address for navigational reasons, use 1605 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs CO 80909. This is a beautiful spot with ample parking just a short distance away. Restrooms are available.
Stage manager – Amy Ollivier

– Saturday 09/22/2018 – 1 to 4pm – Intersection of Hover St. & Nelson Rd. If you need an address for navigational reasons, use 900 S Hover St, Longmont CO 80501. This is the address of a strip mall that is right on one of the corners. There is plenty of parking available as well as restrooms in the park right behind the event venue.
Stage Managers – Sarah Cox and David Huntwork

This dual event will be utilizing the First Amendment right to demonstrate on public sidewalks. We will be lining the sidewalks bordering the respective intersections with flags, banners, and signs proclaiming our support for President Trump and Making America Great Again. It will also be a great opportunity to network, make new friends, influence and energize potential voters, and meet like-minded people from all over Colorado.

There will be no speakers or planned agenda.

What you should bring:

– Make America Great Again t-shirts, hats, and signs
– Trump, US, and historical, patriotic flags
– Banners and signs supporting American values, local GOP candidates, the 2nd Amendment, secure borders, national sovereignty, patriotism, and a strong national defense etc.
– Water, sunscreen, and sunglasses

What you should not bring:

– Anarchy, Confederate, or any other inappropriate or off topic flags
– Off topic signs or banners

Remember that you are representing both the President and the Republic. Remain level headed, calm, and polite in the face of any counter-protestors or hecklers. A wave and a smile go a long way and are very effective weapons against those fueled by hate and ignorance.

If you are in need of Trump paraphernalia, both eBay and Amazon have a large variety of shirts, hats, and flags available at reasonable prices. Order soon, and only from the U.S., to make sure you receive your rally goodies before September 22nd.

If you choose to bring a firearm, please remember that this is a family friendly event. All sidearms are to be secured and properly permitted if concealed. Please no long rifles of any kind – these are political street demonstrations and not ‘open carry’ protests.

Please share this invitation with your friends and family, Facebook groups, and other interested parties. It’s time to fight back, get out the vote, and make our voices heard. We hope to see you there!

This dual rally event is an independent effort in support of the President organized and sponsored by the grassroots organizations Colorado Women for Trump and MAGA Trump – Colorado. It is not affiliated with any other organization, campaign, political party, or entity.

Join us on Facebook:

Colorado Women For Trump

MAGA Trump – Colorado

More Info:
Date of Event:
Saturday, 22 September, 2018
Time of Event:
1 PM – 4 PM MDT
1605 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs CO 80909 & 900 S Hover St, Longmont CO 80501
Colorado Springs & Longmont

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