We are gonna go to the TRUMP rally as a TEAM!! #TX4MF #US4MF

Our goals are to 1) SPREAD THE WORD about Medical Freedom… we will use shirts, hats, flyers, etc and TALKING to as many people as we POSSIBLY can. Inviting them to be apart of our FB groups to stay connected and join events with us all throughout Texas and across the country!
2) Match each other with t-shirts and signs and hats or whatever we do to show that we are UNITED and that we are FOR THIS CAUSE and FOR TRUMP (we need someone who can win against the DemocRATS that have been stripping parent and provider rights in CA, NY, Maine, OR, WA, etc.)
3) Possible FLASHMOB with signs and the whole 9… we will likely get on NATIONAL TV if we do this there so it’s DEFINITELY a HUGE thing on our radar. If we get on NATIONAL TV we accomplish #1 even MORE than just in Texas, y’all. SO this is HUGE. ♥

If you want to GO and you want to have a say in what we decide to DO please join this event and GET YOUR TICKETS!!! Link is on the page! ♥ We have TWO weeks from tomorrow, y’all! ♥

Join us!!! ♥
Texas For Medical Freedom

United States For Medical Freedom

Lori Jean
Date of Event:
Thursday, 17 October, 2019
Time of Event:
2 PM – 10 PM CDT
American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Ave, Dallas, Texas 75219
Dallas, Texas

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