CIVILIZATION against LIES & DECEPTION – ( brainstorm mode )

Today I decided. I can make some difference in the world- an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on so is it unreasonable to think my action may spur action of the next world leader? In today’s connected world it is possible and worth the effort. Today I am fully committed and as I type this am overcome with many powerful emotions. Would you overlook our differences and help me help ourselves? Please.

ISSUE IN SHORT: Lies & Deception
CONTEXT: 9/11 type events that touched all life on this planet (in mostly negative ways)
GOAL: Choose a few key truths to demand so as to make protest productive

Bear w/ me on this vague, divisive subject because I’ve learned the key to overcoming lack of unity here.

FAILURE REASONS: Emotional responses divide, Straw men arguments divide/dilute arguments, psychology
SUCCESS TACTICS: Examples work best- I’ll use a GLOBAL one and an exceptionally emotional one. Try answering my questions & if you answer yes- and think most others would answer same- than my hope of finding common denominator will have taught us how to better communicate.

Example 1: Major Global Impact Event – 9/11 Attacks

Q: Would you agree that many aspects of these attacks & the reporting of them by media & government appear very deceptive in nature? I’m simply asking, were there significant inconsistencies, facts omitted, facts added, cover-ups, diversions or attempts to conceal that are obvious to anyone with an open mind?

My answer is, how can anyone deny this general idea?

Tip: But this is where debate falls apart- when people start suggesting who knew, who was involved, whether thermite, bombs, planes, secret weapons caused it. This will ALWAYS fail because they are nothing more than conspiracy theories & they cause emotional response. Government officials feel offended that you might question them. Families feel offended. The enemy will use the broad conspiracy nut defense & win.

When you have 90%+ persons agreeing this is where you set the hook & win their support. There are one of two options to convince now (in bold below)- and both are easy sales.

LEADING ARGUMENT: Most people agree we were deceived greatly with regard to this event, but we do not claim to know what really happened or who was involved. It is wrong to deceive people no matter how altruistic the motive because one lie leads to another and here we are today unable to heal from this tragedy. Note: This removes ALL blame meaning no emotional response (blocking). You have their attention.

There are two sinister options to consider for those that answer yes.

1.) We were DECEIVED by way of lies, cover-ups. (common sense option)
2.) We were given information & circumstances made to LOOK LIKE DECEPTION. (not an option most consider, but even more sinister than the first option). I’d love to clarify here- but for sake of attention span will stop- but think here about how & why this would be done. Sinister it give me chills & they can crush any “theory” except the one that they tried to plant deception (confusion, division) as a tactic. These tactics include false reports (explosions heard by firemen, doctoring video making it look BBC reported collapse too early, making Silverstein appear to “know”, making Rumsfeld appear to be hiding missing trillions.

THIS CAN UNITE ANY HUMAN with knowledge of certain life altering events, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombings, Paris Bombings, USS Liberty, the list goes on and on…

HARD PART: Knowing which option & getting truth but this is a problem we deal with once we have global protest demanding truth. Of course certain “specific” demands should be made to keep protests “productive” and not vague and education must be made to focus on the DECEPTION not guessing the TRUTH.


This was basically a brain storm- I felt the idea and needed to share and not lose it so apologies for rambling, unorganized nature and/or spelling/grammar. I am no leader my strength appears to be solving puzzles and communicating in non threatening ways. I need help from professional communicators (grammar, spelling, technique) , motivational leaders- again I’m a complete nerd and nobody knows who I am (hermit computer programmer)

Thank You for you time – MUCH APPRECIATED

Feedback would be SO appreciated even if negative just be gentle I have thin skin. 🙂

Could we unite people behind a vague – but WORLD TOUCHING subject like this? I do think with the right people leading it can be done. But I’m an optimist.

NO DATE FOR EVENT IT IS BRAINSTORM – Putting 11.11 because one needs entering. If this is wrong forum please let me know- I’m not well connected in protest / rally world (or any for that matter being nerd)

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