We have–maybe–a few years before we can’t salvage a livable planet from climate and ecological breakdown caused by the excesses of our economic system. We’ve known about the crisis for generations, yet carbon emissions, species extinctions, and other harms increase every year because there’s too much inertia in our economicRead More →

The health of our environment shapes the health of our communities. Join the community in taking strides to implement a People’s Plan for Utah’s Energy Future. The People’s Energy Summit unites diverse communities across Utah and the broader Southwest to create a just transition towards a renewable and regenerative future.Read More →

Have you heard the latest display of Hatred in SLC? Local “Drag Queen” Ryanna Woods has created a new “character” called Lady MAGA, which is a Gun-Toting, Hate Speech Spewing, Transphobic and Racist Trump Supporting Mess. We are organizing a protest of this “LGBT CONSERVATIVES FORUM” *NOT* because they haveRead More →

A student-led protest against gun violence of all forms. The current plan is to meet at the Municipal Building, have guest speakers, and then march down the sidewalks of 25th Street. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Zach Thomas. zachthomasnfp@gmail.com Location may change. Please check back. Organizer:Zachary WilliamRead More →

Save the date! Millions of school strikers have shown us they’re serious about climate action. Adults, will you join our youth? School strikers are calling on everyone: young people, parents, workers, and all concerned citizens to join massive climate strikes and a week of actions starting on September 20. PeopleRead More →