Michigan Trump Republicans just recently entertained Steve Bannon in Warren. This party is not endorsed by the GOP, the are the group is trying to push forward Steve Bannon’s Fascist agenda in this state. #NoHateinOurState #NazisGoHome Organization:Metro-Detroit Political Action NetworkEvent Website:https://www.facebook.com/events/1243166862495524/Date of Event:Tuesday, 28 November, 2017Time of Event:6 PM ESTAddress:NorthfieldRead More →

Bishop and his friends are such hypocritical Republicans! far from fiscal conservatism, now they’re saying “don’t worry about the deficit, don’t worry about the national debt!” Their plan to pay for these tax cuts is to cut Medicaid, Medicare, and other social programs. They’re assuming 4% growth, which is magicalRead More →

This is the anniversary of the election, Praise God that HRC is not our President, Praise God for President Trump. Pray for him, his, cabinet and his family. The liberals are planning a Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election event on this same day. MakeRead More →

OCRP is hosting a “March 4 Trump Rally” and WE NEED YOU! On January 20, 2017, President Donald Trump told the American people his vision for our nation: America First! “We are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another — but weRead More →