Stand With The Jewish People Anti-Semite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar will be speaking in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, February 23, 2019, and we want to show our support for Israel with our “We Stand With Israel” Rally at the venue hosting the event. Please bring American flags, Israeli flags, and yourRead More →

The Student Organization for Animal Rights (SOFAR) is protesting against Petco’s poor welfare standards for betta fish and the cruel practices it uses, including confining these animals in small cups, generally denying them veterinary care, and transporting them in dismal conditions. Major animal rights organizations like PETA have condemned Petco’sRead More →

Please allow me to introduce myself and our Company, Martz Group. We are a motor coach carrier here in Florida and would like to offer our service to all Rallies for groups traveling from Florida to the various rally locations such as Tallahassee, DC, etc. Safety At Martz Group, weRead More →