AGC ANNOUNCES APRIL 24 MARCH FOR JUSTICE AT TURKISH CONSULATE United We March – Join Us! The Armenian Genocide Committee (AGC), a broad-based coalition of 21 of the leading religious, political, youth, charitable, athletic and social organizations of the Armenian community of Southern California, has announced that on April 24,Read More →

The US democracy is currently experiencing a shift from democratic representation to a dictatorship. We must rise up now, or lose our nation About this Event Our president has no regard for the law or democracy of this land. The recent offer to pardon Border Patrol agents for breaking nationalRead More →

Join students from around the Bay Area as we strike for climate change along with youth in Australia and other countries. We will meet in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office at 10 am and strike until we reach City Hall. Once we reach City Hall, two student speakers will speakRead More →

ON MAY THE FOURTH – Californians will unite to raise their voices for SCIENCE and the value of fact-based policy. Now more than ever, science and truth are under attack by certain factions of the government who find that the facts do not align with their policy priorities. Together weRead More →

Four more years! California and Los Angeles patriots stand with our President Trump, to the fullest and with a passion. Peaceful rally in support of our President for another presidential term in 2020 which is right around the corner, plenty of free parking behind the federal building. Bring your USA,Read More →