Why is it if you a pro Trumper then you are a “Patriot” and if your not for trump then your a fascist or a traitor? Give me a freak’en break! If we the people don’t vote this asshole out of office, America will be Nazi Germany all over again!Read More →

would like to find others that are tired of unfair practice of st charles county neighborhood preservation dept and would like to do something about it i am tired of getting picked on and bullied by inspectors that changed the rules after i bought my home without me even gettingRead More →

Trump needs to make good on his promise to eliminate Obama Care once and for all. That single program is destroying our economy and costing us job growth. Now it looks like trump might actually get the job done with a new court ruling and its about time! No oneRead More →

I am a grandmother who has taken most of my grandchildren in. Some have been through dcs, while others were parents not able to care for them. I was given a granddaughter in 2014 through dcs and kept her for two years. I needed knee surgery and asked dcs toRead More →

Hello- I hope this reaches a Live Person. Please reply-thank you. I am a retired person (RN). I have a Honda Odyssey van that can seat 7 passengers. And I love to drive. Put all that together; I am volunteering to be transport to and from rallies. I live aboutRead More →