The yellow vest rallies proposed for Jan. in California should be avoided for purpose and safety. These gun fanatics are dangerous. They attract white supremacists as well as other haters and they bring guns. These events should not have been posted at this site. Freedom of association, yes. But notRead More →

Today I decided. I can make some difference in the world- an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on so is it unreasonable to think my action may spur action of the next world leader? In today’s connected world it is possible and worth the effort. Today IRead More →

I am a grandmother who has taken most of my grandchildren in. Some have been through dcs, while others were parents not able to care for them. I was given a granddaughter in 2014 through dcs and kept her for two years. I needed knee surgery and asked dcs toRead More →

Tough built Bop Bag made with a water chamber and two air chambers. Great for any occasion/events!! Trump Bop Bag is 5’2″ tall, made with water chamber and two air chambers/ Click this link to view: More →