Trump needs to make good on his promise to eliminate Obama Care once and for all. That single program is destroying our economy and costing us job growth. Now it looks like trump might actually get the job done with a new court ruling and its about time! No oneRead More →

Why are no protests planned for testing? Why are we planning drilling when there are clean solutions? Let’s plan a huge protest all along the east coast.Read More →

So… in a hypothetical situation, what if on -Presidents Day- since many businesses will be closed anyway (thus allowing more people to have the time to do something… also… I mean it’s Presidents Day what better day to say FUCK YOU to the current one?). So what if loads, andRead More →

The yellow vest rallies proposed for Jan. in California should be avoided for purpose and safety. These gun fanatics are dangerous. They attract white supremacists as well as other haters and they bring guns. These events should not have been posted at this site. Freedom of association, yes. But notRead More →