I really believe that Trump was chosen by God to deliver America back to greatness and to a time when people had values, respect for country, and knew there place in society. Obama was basically Godless and turned our once great country into a lawless, cesspool of humanity. Although GodRead More →


The Rally List Facebook page was taken down by Facebook. We are attempting to sort it out and get the page back up hopefully soon. Please consider following us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RallyLists or @RallyLists or consider signing up for email alerts at http://www.rallylist.com/rally-alerts/Read More →

Why is it if you a pro Trumper then you are a “Patriot” and if your not for trump then your a fascist or a traitor? Give me a freak’en break! If we the people don’t vote this asshole out of office, America will be Nazi Germany all over again!Read More →

would like to find others that are tired of unfair practice of st charles county neighborhood preservation dept and would like to do something about it i am tired of getting picked on and bullied by inspectors that changed the rules after i bought my home without me even gettingRead More →