Over the past few weeks, the Northwest Detention Center has been renamed… twice! In mid-July, we went down to NWDC to find that the facility had been renamed “Tacoma ICE Processing Center.” The City of Tacoma must be really eager to disassociate itself from this place, because just two weeksRead More →

If you are hosting a Solidarity March, email us at solidaritymarches@wethepeoplemarch.org If you have a bus or carpool to share, email us at transportation@wethepeoplemarch.org We will be hosting a march on our nation’s capital on September 21. Our website, coming soon, will list transportation being arranged to DC and solidarityRead More →

Calling all Fat people, all Disabled people, all Seniors, all our loved ones, and anyone who has experienced being separated, shut away, controlled, disposed of, incarcerated in prisons, nursing homes, fat camps, psych institutions, or generally told they are the problem for society’s woes to UNITE in solidarity with migrants.Read More →

The health of our environment shapes the health of our communities. Join the community in taking strides to implement a People’s Plan for Utah’s Energy Future. The People’s Energy Summit unites diverse communities across Utah and the broader Southwest to create a just transition towards a renewable and regenerative future.Read More →

*** WE NEED YOU AT THIS EVENT!!! *** Governor Lee has called a Special Session of the TN Legislature for August 23rd at 10:00 AM. We will be there with our 8.5×11 inch signs to remind them that they have business to attend to after they have officially replaced GlenRead More →