Donald Trump will be in NYC to address the UN General Assembly on 9/24. On Monday, 9/23, the evening before Trump speaks, we will come together and march peacefully, United in Outrage, to protest the many injustices of the administration, its accomplices, its supporters, and the harm done in itsRead More →

We have–maybe–a few years before we can’t salvage a livable planet from climate and ecological breakdown caused by the excesses of our economic system. We’ve known about the crisis for generations, yet carbon emissions, species extinctions, and other harms increase every year because there’s too much inertia in our economicRead More →

On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. In the days and weeks that followed, Puertorriqueños struggled cope with the aftermath, and Puertorriqueños outside of Puerto Rico struggled to provide help. Disaster assistance from the United States was irresponsibly slow and contributed to the death of nearlyRead More →

On Saturday, September 21st, activists in D.C. are marching. So, we will be holding a solidarity march here in Rhode Island for those who cannot make it to D.C., and to continue to be a leader in progressive change in the country. Rhode Island is a wonderful community of ofRead More →