Join College Democrats at IU to protest against ongoing American militarism. The Trump administration is pushing close to a war with Iran while the U.S. is still paying for the last war. A war in Iran would be disastrous for the world and could easily spiral into a wider regionalRead More →

The Trump administration is actively considering carrying out a military strike of an unknown magnitude against Iran. This is an outrage that threatens to engulf the Iranian people and potentially the Middle East as a whole in a disastrous military conflict. The people of the United States need to standRead More →

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are at their highest point in many years, with the most belligerent actors in the entire U.S. foreign policy establishment in the White House driver’s seat. These are the same people who advocated for the disastrous U.S. wars on Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They’reRead More →