Together we can end this cycle of hate and violence. Friday November 30 at 1 pm we’ll meet outside Minute maid park and March all the way to main Street market and one other person and I will be giving a speech and after that anyone who wants to sayRead More →

Stand with New Yorkers and pledge your ongoing support to prevent, reduce, and eliminate gender-based violence in NYC. Hear from survivors, advocates, and policy makers. Stand with New Yorkers and PLEDGE to Take Action Against Gender-Based Violence for 365 days each year. Organizer:New York City Commission On Gender EquityEvent Website: More →

In 2017 we resisted. In 2018, we win … if we organize. We can transform our government and end GOP control of the House. We can give ourselves a shot at winning Medicare for All, ending the separation of families, and unrigging the system so that all people—white, Black, brown,Read More →